Everything you need to offer and bill subscription services

You name it, Telefakt can deliver, manage, and bill it.

Create and configure your products and services.
Sell them to your customers or get the customers to order themselves.
Let Telefakt assist your delivery process using its advanced order management engine.
Billing is fully integrated with the order process, automatically handling sales, changes and terminations.
Monitor your business with our comprehensive and configurable reports and dashboards.
Connect these core elements with the rest of your business using our integrations.

For all your business

Partner portal — for suppliers, and for dealers/resellers.

Embeddable components — give your existing portals a Telefakt boost.

Customer portal — simple easy-to-use viewing, management, and ordering for customers.

Back-office portal — for sales, customer-care, delivery, order-management, billing, and accounting.


Industry-leading fine-grained audit trail makes all changes easily visible right next to current data.

Beyond the obvious security and legal advantages, it provides reassurance and confirmation.

It also aides debugging and recovery from problems in the other connected systems around Telefakt.

Finally, and most commonly, it helps users understand and recover from normal day-to-day business mistakes.


Multi currency.

Multi brand - One system, many companies. Reporting across all of them.

Multi jurisdictional – Sell in many countries - Telefakt handles the tax rates and applicability.

Multilingual - you can even set your own text for anything.

This allows Telefakt to be your one system, one place, for all your brands, subsidiaries, and trading entities - each with their own identities, across multiple regions and countries.

A taste of Telefakt's comprehensive features


Current revenue and breakdowns. Future revenue predictions. Sales by product, segment, seller...


Allow discount sharing and aggregation — even for your customers with complex subsidiary or branch arrangments.


Fill your boots with ways to connect to and from Telefakt. High-level and low-level access — using industry standard mechanisms and models (e.g. TM-Forum).


Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid.


Ensure your sales team and customer-support agents understand upcoming contract expiries, and revenue-at-risk.


Monitor progress of sales partners.   Fully-automatic calculation and payment of complex sales commission.

A two-fold, unique, pricing plan

Flexible, all-inclusive subscription model
No deliberations about which modules to buy.
No concerns about extra costs.
No renegotiations of contracts.

We believe that pricing based on module-usage, or number-of-users, ultimately results in underutilization of the service, which in turn leads to inefficiencies and missed oppportunities. Your company's needs will change, and they might change temporarily.

Telefakt will be there when you need it, in the form that you need it, for as long as you need it.

Percentage reduces with growth
Manage the core of your business for only 0.99% of the revenue billed.
As your business grows, the percentage you pay reduces — by more than a half — down to 0.49%

Estimating the total cost of ownership for module-based pricing plans can be difficult. Our revenue-based model ensures that you can precisely predict the costs. Also, if business circumstance dictate that you use Telefakt less, then you pay less.

The price always matches your spending power, and always matches your use of Telefakt.

€2+ Billion

Total revenue billed


Items invoiced, distributed, and collected

2+ decades

Reliable service of the system, and experience of the team


Achieved uptime

Unlock efficiency and excellence
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